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outline total electronics

Business outline

Business Activities Development, design, procurement, manufacturing, assembly, quality control, and distribution of consumer devices/parts

Articles *Switching AC adapters, and power supply-related devices
*Multi-Pin connectors of electronics
*Audio equipment/parts
*Peripheral gaming devices/parts
*Telecommunications-related equipment
*LCD panels
*Flat-Panel Speakers (FPS)

Customers * Panasonic Corporation
* Panasonic System Networks Co., Ltd.
* Sharp Corporation
* Toshiba Misawa Media Devices Co., Ltd.
* Hitachi, Ltd.
* Kenwood Corporation
* Fujitsu Limited
* Fujitsu General Limited
* Fujitsu Laboratories Limited
* PFU Limited
* Victor Company of Japan, Limited
* TEAC Corporation
* Citizen Systems Japan Co., Ltd.
* OMRON Corporation
* Pioneer Corporation
* Pioneer Communications Corporation
* SEGA Corporation
* Sammy Inc.
* Taito Corporation
* Konami Corporation
* NAMCO BANDAI Holdings Inc.

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Collaboration project with Tokyo Institute of Technology

Joint research with Waseda University

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