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profile history


1968 Union Kogyo founded with the aim of manufacturing and selling electromechanical parts.

1971 Reorganized into an incorporated organization. Union Kogyo Co., Ltd. is established with paid-in capital of 1 million yen.

1974 Fujisawa Plant established in Kameino, Fujisawa-shi.
Capital is increased to 4 million yen.

1975 Capital is increased to 10 million yen.

1976 Head Office building is completed in Kamoicho, Midori-ku, Yokohama-shi.

1977 Fujisawa Plant relocates to the Fujisawa Industrial Estate to bolster plant capacity.

1984 New Head Office building is constructed in front of the New Yokohama Station.

1985 Capital is increased to 38 million yen.

1986 UNION Building is constructed in front of Kamoi Station.

1987 Taiwan office (Unifa Incorporation) opens

1989 Head Office Building No. 2 is built alongside the main head office building.
Capital is increased to 81.7 million yen.

1993 Hong Kong office (Union Fortune Industrial Limited) opens.

1998 Company name changes to Union Electronics Industrial Co., Ltd.

2010 DONGGUAN office (Union Fortune Industrial Limited DONGGUAN) opens.
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